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When you are ready to apply for your loan, you will need to bring these things with you:

  • Pay stubs for each borrower – 30 days

  • Bank statements (ALL pages for checking and savings), retirement, stocks, bonds, etc. – 2 months

  • Copy of sales contract (if applicable)

  • Tax returns, including w-2’s – past 2 years

  • Statement of service or DD214 (VA borrowers)

  • If using income from child support and alimony, bring a copy of court decree(s)

  • Name and address of employers and landlords – past 2 years

  • Copy of drivers license or US residency card

  • List of creditors, including names, addresses, account numbers and balances for loans and credit cards

  • Appraisal fee $500 - $800

  • If self employed, business tax returns – past 2 years

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