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My husband was active duty for 23 years in the Navy as a SEAL. We moved 21+ times in 30 years! It can be an exciting new adventure, but planning and feeling confident that you are in the right hands with good information will make your move a happy one. Our relocation services include:

  • A customized relocation package and detailed process in place for you

  • A local agent living and working in Las Vegas

  • Access to vast personal knowledge in working with corporate relocation services and military relocation –  door to door

  • Excellent lenders who can match the credit union rebates and beat their loan services/rates


Here’s how things work in the Relocation world and how they could affect you and your transition:

The Bank or Credit Union Rebate Referral

Their offer to you is that if you use their “preferred agent/company” you receive a rebate at the closing table. The truth is that the agent is usually giving them a large sum as a referral fee for the “lead” and they give you a portion of that fee. In addition, the company the agent works for takes additional adjustments to the commission structure in many cases. In the end, you have an agent who may be working for 1/3 of his/her normal paycheck. This could affect you because: 1. Top agents don’t always take these referrals, and 2. If there is another buyer taking that agent’s time and they are at 100% pay with the other buyer, you could go on the back burner. If you are considering a military rebate program with a Credit Union and want more information about your rights, please contact me.


The Relocation Company Referral

Let’s say your company is sending you to another state and they are paying your relocation costs. They will set you up with an agent in the new area. In most cases you can still look for your own agent, and if they are willing to “participate” you can ask the relocation company to “assign” the agent of your choice. The agent still has to pay the relocation company a fee, but you can control the professionalism, availability and personal attention of the agent helping you relocate.

Never settle for an agent that you discover is not serving you well when you are relocating. It could affect everything in your move such as home price, neighborhood, schools, re-sale value, contract problems and more. Ask for a re-assignment, or better yet, find an agent that suits your pace and ask if they are a part of the relocation system.

You can almost always hire your own Real Estate agent without jeopardizing your relocation benefits! There are advantages to doing this because you can insure the agent on the other end is well trained, mature and knowledgeable by speaking with them personally. Our company has programs for most relocation situations, and you end up with the same or more with out compromising good service or experience. You can still use your bank or credit union! For more information, please feel free to contact me.


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If you are a relocation service provider or a client that knows a relocation service must be used, you may request me as your relocation agent. Just fill out the form below:

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